Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions


    Ordinary / Associate Membership

    • All membership payment collected, including the entrance fee and monthly subscription fees, is not refundable. 
    • The monthly subscription fees are subjected to the prevailing GST. 
    • Ordinary / Associate Membership is transferrable, subject to terms & conditions under the Club's Constitution. 
    • Ordinary Member has voting rights while Associate Member has no voting rights. 
    • You understand and undertake to abide by all the provisions stipulated in the Constitution and Rules & Regulations of NTU Alumni Club. 
    • As per the Club's Constitution, you may withdraw from the Club by giving 3-month notice in writing. 

    Declaration & Agreement

    I, the undersigned, have read, understood and agree to abide by the said terms and conditions. I hereby declare that I am of sound mind and am not bankrupt. I have not been convicted of any criminal offence or made any obligation or arrangement with creditors under the provision of any law. I also declare that all the information given in this application form is correct to the best of my knowledge. 



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    11 Slim Barracks Rise
    (Off North Buona Vista Road)
    Executive Centre #05-03
    Singapore 138664

    Office Hours:
    08:30am - 9.30pm (Mon - Sat)

    9:30am - 6.30pm (Sun)

    Email Address: membership@ntualumni.org.sg

    Tel: 6777 1101 | M: 80200299