The University Club of Montreal

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    The University Club of Montreal is located at 2047 Mansfield Street just south of Sherbrooke Street West. It is situated in the heart of Montreal’s financial, arts and academic centers. The University Club is the only private club with direct access to Montreal’s underground city.

    The Club offers exquisite food masterly prepared by an inspired Chef. Service is ensured under the direction of an experienced Maître d’hôtel who will recommend the right wine for your meal from the Club’s impressive wine cellar.


    • Dining Room, Lounge, Billiard Room
    • Enjoy reciprocal benefits as a member
    • Café, Bar & Restaurants
    • Overnight accommodations
    *Note: Members should obtain a letter of introduction at least one-week in advance from NTUAC before departing for the University Club of Montreal.

    For details visit


    Chill@5 at NTU@one-north
    11 Slim Barracks Rise
    (Off North Buona Vista Road)
    Executive Centre #05-03
    Singapore 138664

    Office Hours:
    08:30am - 9.30pm (Mon - Sat)

    9:30am - 6.30pm (Sun)

    Email Address:

    Tel: 6777 1101 | M: 80200299