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    Confucius Institute

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    CI-NTU aims to strengthen Singapore’s Mandarin capabilities, provides Singaporeans and local residents with a common platform in learning Chinese language and culture, and promotes academic exchanges between Singapore and the international communities.


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    a) Student Programmes

    b) Cultural Programmes

    c) Adult Programmes


    Selected Programmes include: 

    Student Programmes

    - Pre-School Top Chinese Enrichment Programme

    - Top Chinese Enrichment Programme – Primary Level

    - Comprehension Passages and Composition Writing – Primary Level

    - Chinese Creative Reading and Writing – Primary Level

    - Fun with Chinese Calligraphy Workshop for Children

    - Chinese Speech and Drama

    - P6 PSLE Preparatory Workshop

    - Cultural Camps

    Cultural Programmes

    Introductory Course in Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Enhancement of the Healthy Voice and Help for the Troubled Voice

    Sing With Freedom

    Singing Made Simple: The McClosky Voice Method

    Chinese Ink Painting Workshop

    Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

    Discovering TCM Acupuncture

    Discovering TCM Course

    Healthy Ageing Through Learning and Practice

    Weiqi: The Skills and Culture (Elementary)

    Finger Painting Course

    Badic Dizi (Chinese Flute) Course

    - C3A AgeMap – Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives

    - C3A Mental Well-bring Curriculum – Riding the Waves of Change Smiling

    Adult Programmes

    Daily Chinese – HSK Programme

    Introduction to Chinese Phonetics (Hanyu Pinyin)

    Enhanced Level on Chinese Phonetics (Hanyu Pinyin)

    The Art of Leadership: Lessons from the Ancient Chinese

    Applied Writing Skills in Chinese


    Terms & Conditions: 

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