An Evening with Professor Alan Chan Gallery

Last Wednesday on the 25th January 2017, we invited Professor Alan Chan, Dean of NTU’s College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, to share his insights on how HASS can stay relevant in the advent of a technologically driven world.

According to Professor Chan, creative thinking is necessary for engineers and scientists so that they can solve complex issues that are beyond their field of expertise. He highlighted the importance of having an interdisciplinary and holistic education, and those who have chosen this path will find themselves adaptable and ready for the challenging job market.

Held for the second time at the NTU Alumni House @ Marina Square, it was truly an eye-opener for those who attended as they hailed from not only the humanities and social sciences sector, but also from various sectors including the transport and finance sectors. An inspiring philosopher, Professor Chan shares his firm belief that a university education should not be seen as just a practical solution to acquire skills and secure a job, but instead the pursuit of knowledge in the university should be for the sake of pursuing knowledge itself.