An Evening with Teo Ser Lee Gallery

Held for the first time at the new NTU Alumni House @ Marina Square, it was an inspirational talk by Ser Lee. She shared how she was determined to lift her family from a small kampong unit to a five-room HDB apartment soon after winning the first of five beauty titles.

Many beauty queens get married to rich men’s sons and are happy as trophy wives. Not Ser Lee. After stints in SIA and Samsung Electronics, she noticed a lack of professional grooming services and seized the opportunity to get herself certified by Protocol Academy in the US. “They train the White House Staff,” said Ser Lee, “and I wanted to bring that level of professionalism to Singapore.” Her self-reliance as an entrepreneur was recognised with the 2016 Spirit of Enterprise Award.

As a follow-up, we will pull a sub-committee together of those who want a supportive environment to practice their image and etiquette skills. They will organise workshops and theme events to allow participants to dress up and experience what it means to be part of a formal occasion. These experiences will allow one to behave naturally (and not fumble) when invited to such occasions. Be part of this “Movement”.