An Evening with Prof Lee Sing Kong

It has been clarified. The only thing that is FREE about the three NTU Alumni Houses is that you don’t need to be a paid member to get in. Professor Lee Sing Kong, VP of Alumni Affairs, clarified this at the 28 Sep “An Evening with …” event. After reading the announcement in the press in August, many of the Alumni thought that everything that the Alumni Houses offer is free. That is not correct.

“For example, to enter the Singapore Cricket Club, you need to be a paid member to get in,” said Prof Lee. “For the Alumni Houses, all you need is to show your red NTU Alumni Card and you will be able to get in. The card is available free from the Alumni Affairs office as long as you register. Everything else at the Alumni Houses is on a pay-per-use basis.”

In any case, only the Alumni House at One North has facilities other than F&B outlets and function rooms. And at this location, all alumni can use the facilities but only members of the NTU Alumni Club will have free use of them. Click here for the details.

Those present at the event felt that Prof Lee was sincere in his message that the university is ready to provide the “support that for the alumni to fulfil their needs and professional growth.” And he has committed to reply every email that is sent to him from the alumni.

So don’t hesitate to take up Prof Lee’s offer and send him an email. Copy me if you would like us to help follow-up the issues you raise. If you would like a copy of Prof Lee’s slides, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.