An Evening with Inderjit Singh


“Inderjit, as NTU Council Member, can you share your thoughts on how NTU can be seen as a ‘Champion of SMEs’?” This question was posed to Inderjit Singh, Class of 85 Engineering, former MP (Member of Parliament) and NTU Council Member. He was the Guest Speaker for our 17 Aug “An Evening With …” event.

There are many MPs. Inderjit distinguished himself as the MP who was the ‘Champion of SMEs’. Himself an SME boss, he understood the issues and spoke up in parliament on their behalf.

At the same event, NTU Alumni Club kicked off the “SME Initiative” headed by Lee Eng Kian and Jerome (both NBS Alumni) with Inderjit as Advisor.

And Inderjit has this to say in response to the question:

  • NTU is into its third strategic plan. The first was to transform into a research university. The second was to raise its rankings in order to attract the best professors and students. Both accomplished successfully. Now the third strategic plan is to build a vibrant alumni community.

  • In line with that, Prof Lee, reporting to President, was appointed to lead the alumni effort and investments in new alumni houses announced.

  • Back in campus, entrepreneur modules were rolled out to all final year students so that the seed for entrepreneurship is planted in them.

  • NTU AC’s SME Initiative will contribute to the end goal of NTU being recognised as “Champion of SME” and hence he agreed to be the advisor.


It is exciting. We invite more alumni members to come on board this SME Initiative to help take it forward. Interested alumni please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for details.

Photo by Bosco Lim | HM Studio